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A Hidden Gem on the Southern Oregon Coast

Lakeside, Oregon is a small town on the Southern Oregon Coast. Lakeside is a hidden gem with access to ocean dunes on the Oregon Coast, three lakes, several creeks, and the Elliott Forest. Tenmile Lake is comprised of two lakes, North and South Tenmile Lakes with a comprised shoreline of 42 miles around the perimeter of the lakes and the great advantage of launching your boat once and having access to both lakes via a canal between South and North Tenmile Lakes. The lake is the largest freshwater lake on the Southern Oregon Coast and the second largest for the entire coastline. Tenmile Lake is a recreational lake perfect for waterskiing, boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking, and canoeing. The lake is surrounded by a pine forest making it fantastic for bird watching with Great Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, Osprey, Egrets, Stellar Jays, Snowy Plovers, Sparrows, and more! 

Lakeside has most of the conveniences of a larger town but has that great small town appeal. With a local market, hardware store, pub, pizza shop, coffee shop, diner, lodge, library, post office, and lots of friendly faces. Lakeside is known for its great camping locations right on the lake walking distance from town as well as unique vacation rentals out on the lake that vary between lake access only and road access. Park your car at the public dock, get in your boat (or rental boat), and your vacation has already begun before you even set foot in your beautiful rented cabin. The wind is in your hair as the boat breezes over the still waters. You pull up to your rental, unload and find instant relaxation out on the deck looking over the water. If you love camping, we’ve got that too! With RV sites that come with full hookups as well as tent sites right on the water, both campgrounds have full facilities including restrooms and showers and a little store on site for those last-minute items you might need. They make it easy to enjoy your camping trip, sit by the campfire and enjoy some s’mores with your family under a brilliant sky filled with stars! Lakeside is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life. 

The most special thing about Lakeside is the ability to access to the dunes, the ocean, the lakes, and the forest. With Spinreel Dunes Campground right across the highway, you can stay in the thick of things and head out on your off-highway vehicle. You can also ride your OHV over the dunes and down onto the shore of the ocean! What a sight is it to behold. Dunes filled with bits of forest and little lakes everywhere and the ocean rolling off into eternity as far as the eye can see. The famous John Dellenback trail can also be accessed from the area with an incredible OHV-free hike to the ocean for those who want to take their time getting to their ocean destination. 

In addition to Tenmile Lakes, Lakeside is also home to the beautiful Eel Lake, named after the native Lamprey Eels that used to be a common food source for the Native Americans that lived in the area. Eel Lake also has a lovely campground, hiking trails, and a park with a playground for kids. In addition, there are yurt rentals as well for those who like a little more glamping than camping. Eel Lake is great for a kayak ride or a swim and fishing is great there also. Motorboats are allowed on the water but there is a strict 10 mph speed limit, so save the skiing and water play for Tenmile Lake. 

Drive through the little town of Lakeside, past Tenmile Lake on North Lake Road and you’ll reach a dirt portion of the path that veers to the right a bit. On that dirt road, you’ll head out into the beautiful Elliott State Forest. A coastal forest filled with ferns, old-growth trees, waterfalls, and streams for fishing and kayaking. Trees found in the forest include Douglas Firs, Western Hemlock, Red Cedar, Big Leaf Maples, and Red Alder. Birds and wildlife are everywhere you look enjoying this tropical rain forest on the coast of Oregon. 

As you can see, there are lots of things to experience in our little town – from the lake to the dunes to the forest and ocean. Discover Lakeside Oregon and find your next adventure!

Cover photo by tim hurlbut

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