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History of


In the 1930s, Lakeside was home to Currier Village, built and owned by Roy Currier. Movie stars like Clark Gable, Lily Pons, and Bing Crosby stayed in Lakeside as a hideaway from the movie-star-fan-riddled life they had back home in Hollywood. The stars would pack up and drive to Southern Oregon – also visiting places like the Rogue River for fishing and Wolf Creek Tavern (in Wolf Creek, Oregon). But it was Lakeside's Currier Village that would draw them in in droves. It wasn't the lavish accommodations, but rather the ability to be somewhere that very few people knew about.


The Currier Village cabins were tidy and quaint and included a coffee shop and bar within walking distance. In addition to fishing on the lake, visitors could sun themselves on the sandy beach near Currier Village, go swimming, take a paddle-wheel-boat-tour, and truly soak up the beauty that is Tenmile Lake in Lakeside. 

Below are some incredible photos gathered over the years by various sources of life in Lakeside and on Tenmile Lake in the 1920s to 1970s. Enjoy!

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